Laneway House Floor Plans.

Get the most out of your property with 21 Inc by your side. We are a formidable team of architects, designers, and contractors who are committed to providing you with expert services. Trust us to draw up floor plans that meet your requirements and those of the City of Toronto.

Professional Floor Plans

Our team of experienced and highly skilled architects and draftsmen are ready to come up with the best floor plan for your future laneway suite. When you contact 21 Inc, you can expect all the following services underneath one roof:

Laneway House Designs

Our team of draftsmen and architects stay updated with all the latest news and special requirements laneway homes have to adhere to. They will ensure your laneway house design is perfect in every single way, from the exterior to the insulation and interior.

Laneway House Architecture

We are geared to provide only the best services, including professional architecture services. Our team of architects will ensure that your laneway home project goes according to plan, every step of the way. From the drawing of the plans to construction and assembly, trust 21 Inc.

Laneway Home Plans

Let our team of experienced architects and draftsmen take care of your laneway home plans. They will ensure that all specifications adhere to the City of Toronto’s requirements and that your laneway home is designed and built correctly.

How You Benefit

From the moment you make contact until your laneway home is completed, our team of experts will be by your side. This is but one of the many benefits you can expect when choosing 21 Inc as your trusted partner for building a laneway home on your property.

Professionally Drawn Plans

You don’t have to struggle with getting plans that will be approved by the City of Toronto. All floor plans we provide are drawn by professional draftsmen and architects with years of experience. They will make sure that your laneway home adheres to every performance standard set out by the City of Toronto.

Plans That are Approved

Our process ensures that no laneway home built on our watch does not adhere to specific standards and requirements. Our team sends floor plans through to the authorities so you don’t have to. They ensure that everything is well within spec and scope. Trust experts to get the job done professionally.

Expert Design Services

You can expect nothing but the best when you entrust 21 Inc with your laneway suite project. From initial drafts to finishing touches and design, our team is highly motivated to provide nothing but the best. We ensure that our design standards are on par with industry standards and trends while abiding by performance standards.

Custom Built Laneway Homes

We know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to building a laneway home on your property. Our team of professionals will ensure that your laneway home is built to meet your needs and those of the City of Toronto. Trust us to get your laneway home built to perfection.

Call Us Today

Give us a call and one of our dedicated team members will provide you with further information regarding your future laneway home.

Why 21 Inc

Partner up with a team of professional architects, designers, and contractors to build your very own laneway home.

  • Experienced Team

    Who better to trust than a team of experienced and professional architects, designers and contractors? From the drawing board to the materials used, trust us to get everything done according to the legal requirements and standards of the City of Toronto.

  • Speedy Process

    The time between contact and the completion of your laneway home is minimal. Thanks to prefab laneway homes, construction is done off-site and assembled on-site. The entire process won’t take longer than four months.

  • Little to No Impact

    21 Inc’s dedication to providing excellent service means that you can expect very little to no impact on your neighbourhood. Construction will not cause any disturbances to the environment, your property or adjacent properties.

The 21 Inc Process

Our team of professionals follow a strict process to ensure the job is done swiftly and expertly.

Site Inspection and Consultation

Firstly, one of our expert consultants and architects will make an appointment to view your property. During this time, they will discuss your needs and preferences. They will also inspect your property to ensure that your lot is eligible to be used as space for a laneway suite.

Project Quotation

Once we have all the details and have confirmed that your property is eligible, we work out a detailed quotation for the project. This will include all aspects of construction; floor plans, design, construction materials, labour and so on.

Architecture and Design

If you are happy with our quotation, we allocate a team of architects and designers to start working on your laneway home project. They will draw up floor plans and finalise finishes and furnishings. Once you give us the go-ahead, we move to the next step.

Construction and Furnishing

If you are satisfied with the final drawings and floor plan, we will begin construction. We continue with this step off-site until we sit with a prefab unit. The process can take up to 4 weeks. All materials used during construction adhere to strict performance standards.

Delivery of Completed Structure

As soon as the construction of the prefab laneway house is complete, all our team members pull together for delivery. The completed structure will take anything up to 8 hours to be assembled and will fall well within the City of Toronto’s performance standards and requirements.

Assembly of Laneway Home

The final step of the 21 Inc process is the assembly of your very own laneway home. Whether you want to rent it out or use it for extended family, your laneway home will be complete within a couple of hours and ready for occupation on the same day of delivery.