21 Inc is Making Waves with Toronto Laneway Suites

21 Inc is all about bringing people together, enabling them to downsize and making laneway suites accessible to the greater Toronto area. We believe that laneway suites have opened up new possibilities and homing solutions for the benefit of the city.

We believe that laneway suites are a great solution for the housing problem Toronto faces. They also give our community a unique opportunity to make the most of the city’s laneways. Laneway housing will minimise crime-ridden spots, while reducing the pressures of limited housing in the greater Toronto area.

We are a team of dedicated draftsmen, architects, designers and contractors who are passionate about getting the optimal use out of a limited space. You will find that with 21 Inc on your side, you can fully utilise your property and maximize its potential.

With 21 Inc, you’ll be in good hands. We are geared to providing excellent services, no exceptions!

Property Consulting

One of our team members will come to have a look at your property. They will need your property’s plans to in order to draw up potential floor plans.

Our draftsmen and architects have years of experience and will ensure you are on board with these plans from the get-go. They will also note and incorporate your preferences to ensure you are satisfied.

Approved Floor Plans

Once we have completed your consultation and quote, our draftsmen and architects will draw-up floorplans for your new laneway suite.

All floor plans incorporate your vision and are pre-approved. We take every care to ensure laneway suites built in Toronto abide by the prescriptions outlined in the by-law.

Custom Built Laneway Suites

We draw up and build custom laneway suites efficiently and professionally. Construction is done off-site. Once completed, the prefab suite will be delivered and assembled.

You’ll get a completely kitted laneway home, with all the fittings and finishing touches. Our team takes care to ensure your laneway home suits not only you, but also Toronto’s legal requirements.