Laneway House Custom Builders.

Let your property’s true potential come to bloom by using your laneway as a real estate investment. If you are looking for expert contractors to get the job done, stick with 21 Inc. Our team consists of professional architects, designers, and contractors geared to provide excellent services. Whatever your requirement, let the professionals make sure the job is done brilliantly.

Get the Right Team for the Job

Custom building a laneway house from scratch can be a bit intimidating, especially if you have no former experience with residential developments. Trust 21 Inc to get the job done for you. We have a string of qualified and experienced professionals who can ensure your laneway house is built to your standards.

Reputable Contractors

You can rest assured that all contractors listed with 21 Inc are reputable and highly skilled professionals. They will see to it that every step of construction is done by the book and adheres to the City of Toronto’s performance standards and specifications. Trust us to get the job done swiftly and professionally.

Custom Build Projects

No job is too big or too small for our contractors. Whatever your specific needs or requirements, they will ensure that the final architect’s plan is followed to the tee. You have free rein when it comes to the look and design of your laneway home, let us make this an exciting and enjoyable project. Our contractors will get the job done as per your preference.

Complying with Performance Standards

At 21 Inc, we make it our top priority to ensure that all the laneway homes we design and build comply with performance standards and specifications of the City of Toronto. This includes the construction methods and materials used during the construction of any laneway suite we build. You can rest assured that our contractors will adhere to all the necessary legal requirements.

Let 21 Inc Get Your Custom Laneway House Built

It is important that your personality shines through in your home. Trust 21 Inc’s team to design and build your custom laneway house from scratch. We’ll also make sure that everything falls within the requirements.

Custom-Built to Perfection

Our highly skilled professional contractors will ensure that all the plans are followed and that your custom laneway home is built to perfection. Without you having to worry about performance standards, they’ll ensure that everything is done meticulously and professionally.

High-Quality Approved Materials

We can vouch that our contractors only use materials of the highest quality that are approved by the City of Toronto. Green materials and methods are also primarily used in construction.

Professional Contractors

You can expect nothing but the best when siding with 21 Inc. Our team of contractors have years of experience in the construction industry and will be able to get the job done efficiently. Professionalism is high on the list of their priorities.

Latest Techniques and Equipment

As with all our team members, the contractors at 21 Inc only use the latest and best techniques and equipment to provide high-quality products. You can rely on our team of professional contractors and us to get your laneway home custom built to last.

Call Us Today

Give us a call and one of our dedicated team members will provide you with further information regarding your future laneway home.

We’ll Get the Job Done

Not only will we get the job done, we’ll get it done quickly and professionally. Here’s what you can expect from 21 Inc:

  • Experienced Team of Contractors

    Our team of contractors are highly skilled and experienced. They are up to speed with all the latest developments in the world of construction and laneway suites in Toronto. You can trust them to get your home built to perfection.

  • Green Methods and Materials

    The contractors listed by us only employ green methods and materials when it comes to the construction of laneway suites. They ensure that all performance standards are adhered to in every step of construction. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Swift and Speedy

    After you have approved your floor plan, you can expect swift and speedy construction of your very own laneway home. Contractors build the framework off-site and assemble it on-site to minimise the environmental impact. The entire process can take as little as four months to complete.

The 21 Inc Way

Our process is what sets us apart – from the first day you can expect diligence and professionalism at 21 Inc.

Inspection of Property

Firstly, after you have booked an appointment with one of our consultants, they will come to inspect your property. This is to ensure that the lot complies with all the regulations as prescribed by the City of Toronto.

Initial Consultation

Next, our consultant will interview you and ask you about your preferences and vision. They will also provide drawings of pre-approved laneway home designs for you to have a look at. Once we have an idea of your preferences, we go to our drawing boards.

Drawings and Design

Now that we have a good idea of how you envision everything to look and work, we put pen to paper so to speak. Our architects and designers work together and incorporate all the information provided to ensure we come up with a great floor plan that will work for you.

Construction by Contractors

Once you have approved our suggested floor plan and designs, construction commences. Our team of highly skilled contractors will start building your new laneway home according to your specification while adhering to prescribed methods and standards.

Laneway House Assembly

Our team of contractors will deliver the prefab laneway home to your property. The house is then assembled in about 8 hours with as little impact to the surrounding environment as possible. You can rest assured that our team of professionals will ensure everything is completed perfectly.

Inspection and Handover

Once the assembly is complete, our contractors will give a final inspection to ensure the structure is according to the requirements and your specifications. Finally, your brand new laneway home is handed over to you.