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The 21inc Ideas Festival is one of Canada's most inspiring, challenging and stimulating forums. Occurring only once every two years, it is where Atlantic Canada's emerging business and government leaders gather with their peers and the region's established business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, educators, policy makers and designers, to engage in the ideas shaping our future, and equip themselves with the knowledge and networks to transcend our biggest challenges. Our third edition will take place from
November 4 to the 6 at the Confederation Centre for the arts in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island  with the theme "100 ideas for the next 100 years".

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Why a Festival?
Because ideas are currency in the 21st Century. We live in a moment of profound change and innovation. If we do not continue to learn, collaborate, and apply new ideas, we will not reach our full potential. The 21inc Ideas Festival is an aspiring inter-generational dialogue that catalyzes the creative process. 

Where does it come from?
The roots of the Ideas Festival grew out of a partnership between 21inc and the New Brunswick Business Council. Both organizations had been thinking about the need to strengthen provincial capacity for moving ideas to action. They recognized the need for increased collaboration within Atlantic Canada, and for the region to be more fully engaged with the world. 

About the 2008 & 2010 editions 
Previous events each attracted over 230 of the region’s top business and government leaders (CEOs, Deputy Ministers, etc.)  and emerging leaders to engage in the innovative ideas shaping our future. The 2008 Ideas Festival was hosted in partnership with the New Brunswick Business Council, and the 2010 Ideas Festival, with the Public Policy Forum; both events were hosted in St. Andrews, NB and drew attention from media outlets across Atlantic Canada.

Speakers have included: Michael Adams (pollster and author), Michel Bastarache (former Supreme Court Justice), Buzz Hargrove (former President CAW), Francis McGuire (CEO, Major Drilling), Antonine Maillet (Author), Joey Adler (President & CEO, Diesel Canada), Dr Roger Jackson (CEO, Own the Podium), Michel Venne (Chief Executive and Founder, Institut du Nouveau-Monde), Bill McEwan (CEO, Sobeys), Mary Gordon (Founder and President, Roots of Empathy).

Other delivered value has been: 
  •  Networking and relationship building that led to jobs and contract
  • Inspiration and opportunities generated to further work by participants
  •   Promoted and deepened culture of entrepreneurship and creativity in region
  •  Increased respect and appreciation of sponsor businesses
  • An active online space for sharing ideas and re-engaging with ideas from the Festival

The 21inc Ideas Festival is part of the solution
Over two days, leaders from across the region and country will converge on the sea-side town of Charlottetown, PE, to engage with the ideas and issues that both shape our lives and challenge our times. This is where Atlantic Canada makes its mark on the Ideas Map.  Through plenary sessions, panels, debates, keynote addresses, interviews and presentations, you will engage in dialogue with top business leaders, inspiring practitioners, change agents and mind-blowing thinkers from across the country.

 “Events like this one (very 21st century in their approach to knowledge-sharing and insight-provoking) are always exciting and productive times – I’m very encouraged by the foresight that 21inc is bringing to the table and I look forward to being involved as this vision-building process unfolds”  – Max Wyman, Author and Critic
“It was such a dynamic and innovative conference. A pleasure to be a part of – and very inspiring to meet all the great young leader.”
– Anjali Kapoor, Managing Editor, Digital, The Globe and Mail

“I thought your conference was first rate and told others as much. Ideas and networking applied to public policy are an irresistible combination.”
 – Colin Robertson, Diplomat & Professor

 “Your festival was a spectacular idea, a wonderful event in every way possible; a terrific foundation on which to move forward and to build a better and more prosperous community for all.”   
– David Hawkins, Co-Founder of XYZ Stratégie-Communications Inc.